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Butfield Breach

Tel: 01249 821110

2 The Square,
Wood Street, Calne,
SN11 0BY

Butfield Breach
  • Peter Peter has been working in property now for over 38 years. First in architecture and surveying in his early years, then onto selling homes. He has worked in London (South Kensington, Mayfair and Camden) for around 9 years and Oxford for 5 years. His experience has taken in running offices in Bath, Cheltenham and many offices in Wiltshire and Somerset. If you know Peter, then you will know that he lives and breathes the business. He loves the job with a passion. He is very proud of the area he works in and is currently putting time in to support the town by being on the committee of Calne Chamber of Commerce, Calne Springs C.I.C. (The Town Team) and advises on Calne Tourism/Retail. He has helped and supported local charities and has been involved in the promotion of The Calne Bike for many years.
  • Melanie Melanie has had a good all-round grounding in business over 30 years with a focus on property in the last 18 years. As a Director of the business she has been a major contributor to the culture and style of the business. She has helped it constantly change as the way people look at property takes different paths and evolves. Melanie pulls on her experience in the media, various management and sales roles, which includes the sale of fine wines. This wide experience has been a major asset to the business. In the last few years, she has been a large influence in the development of our Social Media the Overseas business.
  • Steve Steve spent his formative years serving his country as a Submariner. For 7 years it taught him hard work and good values which is a fantastic asset to the business and an ideal match for the culture of Butfield Breach. Steve has worked from the bottom up and is a valued member of the business family. Steve shares the market appraisals and is the Manager of the sales business. He ensures that we all work to our optimum. Steve has great technical skills that has helped the business stay ahead in all aspects of new technology.
Sales Manager
  • Beth Beth attracted Butfield Breach because of her people skills and great work ethic. Beth has spent around four years in the hospitality sector where she thrived in a fast-paced environment. She quickly worked her way up the ladder to managerial level. This makes her background perfect for a busy Independent Estate Agency. In her formative years she was a national synchronized swimmer, which took dedication and showed her the importance of teamwork. Her main-focus is the sale of homes and the day to day interaction with our Clients.
Sales Consultant
  • Austin Austin has lived and has successfully worked in three continents. His experience in sales, customer service, managing and estate agency shines when problems arise. Spending previous years traveling the world has given him a wonderful outlook on life making it easy to build relationships with vendors and buyers from all walks of life. This is critical when it comes to buying and selling homes. Austin takes part in our market appraisals and sales. He has been with the business for some time now and has become a crucial part of the success of Butfield Breach.
Sales Consultant
  • Robin Robin works as a consultant to Butfield Breach on Spanish home sales. He has been a homeowner in Spain and understands the areas Butfield Breach are focusing on. Robin has a wide experience in many businesses and his personality, kindness and warmth are some of the things people love about Robin. He has given his time free to the Calne community in overseeing the main town website and has been very active in raising money for the promotion of the town through Calne Springs CIC (Town Team) and Calne Chamber of Commerce. Trust is important in our business and Robin is someone Butfield Breach love working with.
Spanish Consultant